Metamark Genetics

Welcome to Metamark

Metamark is making its mark on human health by tackling cancer, one of the deadliest of all diseases. Each day our employees are doing the work that contributes to accurate diagnosis and precise disease management for thousands of patients. We take pride in fulfilling our mission of improving cancer care through deployment of our leading edge proteomics platform and industry-leading pathology services. Using exciting new technologies developed at Metamark to detect and measure protein markers, we are developing tests to give clinicians new tools to aid treatment decisions. The first result of this effort is ProMark™, the Company's prostate cancer prognostic test. Another important development is Metamark’s transition to a commercial organization. In August 2013, we announced the acquisition of HealthTronics Laboratory Solutions, a national specialty reference laboratory providing anatomical pathology services, cytology and molecular testing for urologists, pathologists and their patients. Together with the launch of ProMark™, our reference laboratory services create the ideal platform to provide a complete range of testing -- from initial screening and diagnosis, to post-diagnostic prognostic testing. Metamark believes that with ProMark™ it will offer among the most comprehensive specialty urological testing services available. Metamark is now both an innovation engine and commercial enterprise. With this powerful combination we intend to provide a steady stream of innovative products and services based on our proprietary science and technology. We look forward to the ProMark™ launch in early 2014, with additional products and services to follow.

Shawn M. Marcell
President and Chief Executive Officer